Beyond biohacking

Discover exponential growth

The world around us is moving forward rapidly. Technological advances, entrepreneurial opportunities, ever-changing rules of the game… It’s an exhilarating rush, and we must keep up with the momentum. At Niksen, we provide you with the right tools to harness the power of exponential growth, and more.

About Niksen Group

The aim of Niksen Group is to unite the bold, the ones that are hungry for daring ventures and those who demand more from life.

How? By designing high-tech solutions for nutrition, movement and relaxation as primary sources of energy. Niksen is also a social platform for connection, education and community engagement. Those six pillars together create a holistic approach to a lifestyle of new luxury.


The way you nourish your body influences your thoughts, mood and overall performance. Niksen Lab provides you with high-quality set of nutrients in various forms, including nootropics, elixirs and powders. Functional ingredients are all carefully selected and blended to ensure you get the optimal amount of sustenance daily.


Our body is the most sophisticated hardware, and home to the most sophisticated software, that exists on this planet. Niksen Progressive movement challenges you to become aware of your anatomy, push your body beyond its limits and destress through ancient methods honed for the modern times.


Information overload is all around us. Simply sitting still and closing our eyes rarely leads to a meditative state of mind. Highly advanced Niksen devices that offer a tailored experience which engulfs all senses are envisioned as the next step in the world of relaxation.


Niksen Connect is a platform that connects visionaries, business experts and investors. Be bold and apply now to start your own business in the area of healthy nutrition, food supplements, or natural cosmetics.


Seminars, events, retreats, and more are organised by the Niksen Crew so you can completely immerse yourself in the Niksen Experience. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about upcoming happenings.


Explore tips & tricks on sustainable luxury lifestyle through our blog and social media.


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