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A wide range of zero-sugar, non-alcoholic and functional beverages with an exquisite taste that will satisfy all senses.

Cidrani elixirs

Unique product concept worldwide that combines probiotics, superfoods and nordic mushroom extracts in a convenient and tasty mix.

Cold-brew coffee powder

You no longer have to wait 12 hours to have your cold brew coffee. Simply add to water and enjoy all the benefits of the purest form of brewing coffee with functional add-ons.


Niksen bites

Savory and sweet, for children and adults, healthy & yummy bites made of all-natural and organic ingredients.

Keto coffee creamers

Coffee creamers for all those looking to upgrade their energy and focus levels, keeping their blood sugar low at the same time.

Fermented program

The future of food is fermented. Expect the unexpected with world-class fermented recipes developed in collaboration with renowned chefs.


Niksen Pharma

Natural botanical and mushroom extracts coming to life in intelligent forms to enhance one’s energy levels and balance the body.

Niksen Mind

A line of nootropics designed to elevate cognitive performance and rejuvenate one’s mental capacity.

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