Organic unpasteurized premium apple cider vinegar with wild mother probiotic culture and raw honey.


Infused with raw honey produced by hardworking and loving bees living in pristine natural surroundings. Honey gives this concoction an appealing sweet note, masking the scent of vinegar. It also brings valuable assets to the table, such as its antibacterial properties, powerful antioxidants and soothing properties that help one sleep better.

Even Hippocrates spoke of this mix as a potent source that enhances vitality and nourishes the body and mind

Indulge properly:

Dilute 20 ml in a glass of warm water to enjoy all the benefits of this uplifting tonic.

Recipe inspired by ancient legends of Greek warriors enjoying a potent concoction called oxymel made of honey and vinegar before and after battle to recover their strength.

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