Niksen Group is a prominent future-oriented venture that specializes in new trends in the wellbeing industry. Our team is based in The Netherlands and Croatia, and we welcome collaboration opportunities all over Europe.

Our mission is to combine innovative ingredients and well-known natural remedies to create true innovation in food technology. We carefully select every ingredient to ensure it meets our high quality standards, crafting products that go way beyond organic. We are circular economy-driven and strive to incorporate sustainability in all levels of our operations.

Our products are designed with modern urban adults in mind, and we are constantly upgrading our range to fuel their ambition. We supply boutique stores, companies, fitness studios and high performing individuals with our wide assortment of healthy solutions for on-the-go and home consumption.

For visionaries who want to bring their concepts to life, we offer product development, packing and filling services, as well as craft labeling services. We look forward to hearing your ideas and taking them to the next level with our team of experts.

Why niksen?

Niksen is the Dutch concept of intentionally not doing anything. That means, deliberately disconnecting from the daily stress and allowing oneself some quiet time without constant distractions such as social media and emails. To be able to do that, a person needs to rise above their everyday challenges. And that is why it’s exceptionally important to eat healthy, be physically active and often seek out restorative practices like meditation.

Niksen Group is here to create intelligent solutions in the wellbeing industry that support both individuals and teams in their quest to maintain balance needed to reach the state of niksen.



There are many vinegars out there on the market, often pasteurized or made from leftover apple materials, lacking nutrients or simply being too acidic… But not Cidrani.

Niksen home

All lovers of good food, rejoice. Niksen Home line of healthy cooking oils is here to remind us of the importance of homecooked meals prepared with love. Their abundance of taste gives each dish a note of sophistication, which is ideal for sharing with those we hold dear to our heart.

Niksen go

A super delicious quick boost of energy that keeps you going is only one squeeze away. Low in carbs, high in healthy fats – it will satisfy all your cravings. Contains no refined sugar or additives, no ingredients you can’t read.

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